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Loft houses under 150 square meters for all 0

Loft Houses Under 150 Square Meters

Here is more on small houses spreading on living areas under 150 square meters, with details coming from three plans describing loft houses featuring different designs. These are homes which make the best practical...

Provencal style houses for all 0

Provencal Style Houses – Mediterranean Energy

The Provencal style discharges the characteristic rustic feel with significant Mediterranean influence in which stone and terracotta tiles are a compulsory presence. The houses featuring wood shutters open up in opulent gardens and terraces,...

Houses with wood floors vs concrete slab floors 0

Houses With Wood Floors vs Concrete Slab Floors

The building tradition records concrete slabs between a home levels as a guaranteed safety element. Everything which is made of concrete automatically means, in the popular views, an enduring resistance, besides many other aspects,...