Two-bedroom wooden house plans

We start the week with three wooden house projects. They are spacious and practical houses with two bedrooms, ideal for a family consisting of three or four members. Discover them in the ranks below.

Twobedroom wooden house plans

The first project is a spacious house with ground floor and attic and an area built with just over 100 square meters. The ground floor is fully dedicated to the living area, in a single open space, with access to an outside terrace. Upstairs is enough space for arranging two spacious bedrooms, one of them open on a superb balcony, supported by columns. The estimated price offered by the builder is between 320 and 340 euros/square metre built, with small fluctuations that depend on the surface of the chosen house.

Twobedroom wooden house plans

The second example is a house of only 88 square meters, but with a luxury dwelling appearance. The interior space is very generous, welcoming and relaxing. This House hasa large bedroom of over 20 sqm and one of 13 sqm, which, alongside the bathroom, are grouped into a wing of the house, the living room that continues with dining and kitchen, bathroom and technical room.

Twobedroom wooden house plans

The latest project presented offers a very generous interior space, well-organized ergonomic on both levels, with the possibility of ensuring energy efficiency so important nowadays. The roof finish descends to the ground on one side, providing acomforting sense of protection.

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