Traditional houses. Three beautiful examples

We start the week with three traditional house projects. These are practical, spacious and welcoming houses. Discover them in the ranks below.

Traditional houses

The first model chosen is a house with a style of traditional architecture, with the short roof, covered with ceramic tiles, a glazed wall and small terraces with columns walled in front and back. It has a very comfortable divide with the three bedrooms and the bathroom in one side, along with a bathroom and a dressing room and the huge lounge and the kitchen in the other side, the dining space is arranged inside the stained glass wall. From the lounge you can exit directly on the back terrace. The built surface is 147 sqm and the usable area of 125 sqm.

Traditional houses

The second house is a more modern one, with a usable area of only 90 sqm andone bedroom, ideal for spending holidays or weekends in couples. The vestibular body is made of stone and has a height of 5 meters, compared to the 3 meters of the rest of the house. On the side there is a large terrace covered with pergola, where an outdoor lounge can be arranged. The plan of the House is a simple, very airy one, composing from a lounge with kitchen on the corner and bedroom with bathroom.

Traditional houses

The last house has a bright and warm look, with white masonry in contrast to the apparent brick from the base and the reddish roof tiles. It has a beautiful balcony and an intrand where the grill is cleverly arranged so that the smoke is evacuated through a chimney of the house. The usable surface of the house is 115 sqm, and the entire built surface is 135 sqm. On the ground floor there is a vestibule, then a large hall with the spacious kitchen and the bathroom and the other side, this leading in the living room with the irregular shape and the unique possibilities of fitting. The attic is three bedrooms and another bathroom. Two of the bedrooms have an exit on the balcony with a view behind the house. The cost of the turnkey construction is estimated at 55,114 euros, without including terraces.


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