The Modern Tiny House – Luxury On A Small Scale

Tiny homes will always fascinate us, especially since this trend is just at the beginning with way more to come. In search of freedom, especially financially, people are turning to small living places, closer to nature, too. Small or tiny, these homes combine the comfort of modern living with the pleasure of an intimate space, but strongly personalized. Here is such a tiny house which features architectural details and elements which we would normally see in a luxury home.

Spreading on almost 40 square meters, this home boasts a lot of space so that, once inside, one can hardly feel stepping inside an eccentric home. All the more the space also expands vertically, thanks to high vaulted ceilings, in those areas where architecture permitted. Seen from the outside, the house lets us know it is slightly different from those tiny homes, usually made of wood. Featuring surfaces of decorative stones, outside and inside as well, the tiny place raises the bar and proves luxury also fits in small places as well.

The modern tiny house is luxurious

The modern tiny house – the living displays a refined decor and boasts plenty of space

Its interiors radiate with natural light and warmth generated by the wooden walls, with extra texture found in the stone insertions. In the living, the high ceiling expands the space to the maximum for a relaxing open and welcoming feeling. A master bedroom has also made its way into the layout of this small, yet charming little place. On the other side of the building, a loft brings in plenty of natural light and provides more space for family or guests. Under it lies a modern kitchen, nicely designed to have space for a full oven, sink, refrigerator, and eating area. The hardwood ceiling also brings a natural feel to this space.

The modern tiny house is luxurious

The modern tiny house – two bedrooms, one of them in a well-lit loft, and a modern kitchen

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The bathroom also has the privilege of plenty of space despite the house limited size and looks incredibly luxurious with the tile walls and stainless steel bathroom fixtures.

The modern tiny house is luxurious

The modern tiny house – the bathroom also displays extravagance

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3 Responses

  1. Jennifer says:

    Is there any information available about the builders for this home? Would love to see if there is a way to purchase plans for this beauty!

  2. Cheryl Pewitt says:

    What is the contact information for this houseplan? Thank you!

  3. Lisa Lopez says:

    Is there anyway I could either speak with the builders or purchase the house plan?