Concrete Fence Models That Offer Both Resistance and Design

When you envisage a concrete fence, you think mostly about its resistance and the security it offers, and not about the way it looks. Even if a concrete fence is indeed meant to primarily offer security and resistance, there is no need to settle for less when it comes to design. Here are some concrete fence models that prove it.

Here is a chic and stylish wall that makes a great, modern backyard fence. You can make this model if you are building a new fence and also if you are renovating your old one. Just add geometrical lines for that smart finish.

concrete fence models

Concrete Fence Models. Double fence with garden

Have a look at this concrete combined with brick fence. Double walls create an area for planting green plants and flowers. Plus it’s a long-lasting fence, ideal for custom built homes. It is not a cheapest fence solution, but a beautiful one.

concrete fence models

Concrete Fence Models. Vertical garden

Transform a plain and forgettable wall by adding a garden! This Tetris styled vertical garden of colorful succulents is just what you need to spruce up a plain concrete wall.

concrete fence models

Concrete Fence Models. Embroidery

This is a custom designed brick fence installed on concrete foundation, with decorative concrete blocks installed in between the pillars. It is an extremely durable fence construction. Decorative lights mounted on top each pillar make the fence look beautiful at night time.

concrete fence models

Concrete Fence Models. Stone-like

Rock Style provides the nature look of a stacked flag stone wall which enhances the landscape of your property.

concrete fence models


You can also view some models of precast concrete fences and read the pros and cons of using this material here.

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