Velvet In Interior Design: 5 Examples To Use It Properly

Just like in fashion, the trends in interior design come back. So, the objects that a few years ago were considered to be obsolete, today are the most wanted. In a few years, they’ll be back on the side, just to come again after a few more years. Velvet, a beloved material of many, is no exception. Although Muli years we have been spared to use this material in both clothing and interior design, Velvet has returned to strength and is one of the most beautiful tedinte. In the ranks below, we discuss velvet in interior design and discover 5 ways in which you can integrate this material into the arrangement of your home.
In the past, velvet was a symbol of Nobletei and luxury, today many people are wary of this material or have forgotten about it. However, he returns to the force, and people begin, slowly, slowly, to appreciate him again. Below, we see how we can integrate velvet into interior decoration:


One of the most spectacular ways to decorate using velvet is to dress doors in this material. Undoubtedly, the doors in velvet are breathtaking and it is not difficult to put this idea into practice. You can finish the project in one weekend.


A velvet sofa can be the resistance piece in a living room. For example, you can set up the room in light colors and choose an emerald or navy green sofa.

Armchairs and chairs

Also for the living room you can choose velvet armchairs in the color that points best in the space of your home. Velvet can also be a good way to bring the texture of any space, even in the dining area – this material will provide comfort to your invitations, in the office or even in the bathroom, if space allows you to place a velvet stool.

Bedroom bed

And in the bedroom you can use velvet successfully at the bedside table. The only rule is to choose the color that matches the other objects in the bedroom.


Last but not least, you can call in a few accessories. So, if you think a velvet sofa is too much, you can limit yourself to a few decorative velvet pillows in your favorite colors.



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