How to Protect Clothes’ Colors When Washing. Easy Rules and Solutions

Summer wardrobe is so colorful and we want our nice shirts and dresses to keep their bright, cheerful colors. Here are a few tips on how to protect clothes’ colors when washing.

1. Always read the label

It takes a few seconds, but reading the care labels may save a lot of heartaches when your clothes come out of the wash. Check for instructions that may say to wash only in cold, or with like colors. Don’t forget to check for drying instructions as well. The label may indicate that the clothing needs to be dried on low, or drip dried.

2. Cycle and temperature

Choose a light cycle and low temperature for your colored clothes, just enough to clean them. Cold water might work if they aren’t really dirty, but need to be freshen up.

3. Turn the clothes inside out

Turn the clothes inside out before putting them in the washing machine and leave them that way until they dry. Washing and drying is rough on the outside of your clothing, so don’t expose that surface. Turning garments inside out will reduce pilling which dulls the look of the fabric.

4. Line dry

Line your clothes to dry, preferably outside, but not under the burning sun. Avoid using the dryer as much as you can.

5. How to protect clothes’ colors when washing. Natural solutions

Here are some natural ingredients you can add in the washing machine to keep the colors of your clothes bright.


Add one cup of white vinegar to a load during the rinse cycle. Vinegar helps “set” colors, prevents buildup of detergent residue, which contributes to color fading and it’s a natural clothing softener. Don’t worry about the smell staying on the clothes, it should evaporate during the rinse cycle. If any of that potent smell does linger, let the clothes air dry outside.


Add a few teaspoons of black pepper into each load. Don’t worry about flakes of pepper dotting your clothes. The pepper will wash out during the rinse cycle.


Pour ½ cup of salt in the wash cycle to prevent the dyes in colored fabrics from bleeding. This method works especially well on new clothes. Salt can also help restore the once-vivid colors in fading fabrics.

Baking soda

This versatile powder in your pantry, which does wonders when cleaning, also helps brighten both white and colored clothes. Use ½ cup with every load.


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