House Cleaning in 1 Hour or Less. A Step-by-Step Guide

When the house is a mess and there’s not much time to straighten it up, you need the appropriate cleaning schedule. You’re maybe expecting guests or you have to catch up on your work and can’t focus because of all that mees. Well, then it’s not the time to scrub the grout between the floor tiles or organize your wardrobe. But you can clean and tidy the whole house spending 10 – 15 minutes in every room. Here’s your step-by-step guide to house cleaning in 1 hour.

Get ready

You need the right equipment and atmosphere to go through this prower cleaning programme. So put on some old, comfortable clothes you don’t mind getting dirty and getting sweaty in and put together an energizing playlist for yourself, with tunes that make you want to dance. It will help you focus on each task better and go through all of them much easier, getting pleasure from all that physical effort.

Make sure you have all your cleaning products at hand.

House cleaning in 1 hour. Kitchen (10 min)

Take a coffee cup and mix about 1 cm vinegar with 1 cm of water in it. Put into microwave and ‘cook’ on high for about 1 minute 30 seconds. Leave for now.

Use a laundry basket to store everything that doesn’t belong in the kitchen.

Load and turn on dishwasher and wash and put away any remaining dishes in the sink.

Spray the bench tops and draining board with all-purpose cleaner and wipe down.

Spray the stovetop with appropriate cleaning product (depends on your stove) and wipe down. Remember to wipe the stove controls.

Take the cup out of the microwave, tip out the vinegar and wash and dry the mug. The vinegar steam will have lifted off any gunk in the microwave nicely, so now all you have to do is give it a wipe. Wash and dry the glass turntable.

Give the sink a quick wipe and polish.

Living and dining room (7 min)

Go into the next room, taking the laundry basket with you. Put anything in your laundry basket that belongs in the living area away and then gather up anything that doesn’t belong in the living area and put it into the basket.

Give the whole room a dust and give the table a wipe down and maybe a quick polish.

Study (2 min)

Grab your laundry basket and head to the study. Put anything that doesn’t belong in the study into the basket and take out and put away anything that does.

Sort paperwork scattered on desk into piles or for filing. Put pens and other stationery back where they go.

Tip your keyboard upside down over a bin and give the whole room a quick dust (especially the computer).

House cleaning in 1 hour. Bedrooms (10 min)

Use the laundry basket to put things into place. Check under the beds as you do that.

Dust the room and clean the mirrors.

Strip the bed, lift and turn the mattress (dust the bed base while mattress is lifted) remake the bed. Leave linen in a pile outside the bedroom until all bedrooms are completed. Once all bedrooms are done, gather all the linen and take to the laundry.


Bathroom(s) (15 – 20 min)

Wipe down the washing machine and put a load of bedlinen on to wash.

Scrub the toilet bowl and then sit the brush under the lid so that any excess toilet water can drip back into the bowl.

Spray all surfaces with bathroom cleaner (or spray with vinegar and then sprinkle bicarb soda when you are ready to scrub). Use toothbrush to scrub around taps and spouts and then wipe down all surfaces. Rinse if necessary.

Remove brush from lid of toilet bowl and return to canister. Add a splash of toilet cleaner to a wad of toilet paper and wipe down the top and outside of the toilet bowl. If you have little boys, wipe down the floors too. Wipe down seat, lid and top of toilet with bathroom cleaner and toilet paper. Put paper into the toilet and flush toilet.

Spray mirrors with window cleaner, wipe with paper towel and polish with soft cloth.

Change towels and bathmats.


House cleaning in 1 hour. Floors (15 min)

Your laundry basket should be empty by now, so you can fill it with the towels, bathmats and linen you still have to wash.

Quickly spray and wipe any windows that are obviously dirty.

Give the whole house a quick vacuum – hard floors, carpet, the lot. Pay close attention to bedrooms, especially under and around the beds. Don’t forget the laundry.

Mop all hard floors.

Here are some tips on cleaning your bathroom, removing burnt-on grease and keeping the house clean.


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