Houses of Romania’s Political Leaders. Villa with Swimming Pool or Cheap Rent

There’s not much information on politicians’ dwellings. Some properties were of interest and got some coverage in the media. Properties of members of Parliament are public, because they have to complete fortune statements yearly. Those who don’t have their residence in Bucharest receive an allowance of more than 1,000 dollars a month (more than double an average rent), so they can easily choose a place in the capital. Here are the houses of Romania’s political leaders. 

Liviu Dragnea, leader of the Social Democrat party and president of the Chamber of Deputies, now owns an apartment in Turnu Magurele, in his district Teleorman, and lives in another apartment in a central neighbourhood in Bucharest.

In 2015, prior to his divorce, he still owned a large domain in Alexandria, Teleorman, which is now in his ex-wife’s. The property got some media coverage in 2012, when a tv station got to film it from a helicopter. It comprises a large villa, swimming pool, with jacuzzi and underwater lighting, guest house, tennis court and a greenhouse for growing organic products.

houses of Romania's political leaders

houses of Romania's political leaders

houses of Romania's political leaders

Other images of the property appeared two years later in a music video filmed for Alex Mataev, his daughter’s boyfriend.

This picture, from the outside, showing just the janitor’s house, was also published at the time.

houses of Romania's political leaders

Houses of Romania’s political leaders. Raluca Turcan

National Liberal Party interim president Raluca Turcan lives with her husband and kid in a 1,981 sq ft house, in a residential complex in Mogosoaia, outside Bucharest.

When they became parents, in 2007, they decided they need more space so they moved from their Bucharest 614 sq ft apartment into this house, bought on credit.

This is a picture taken outside the private residential complex.

houses of Romania's political leaders

Houses of Romania’s political leaders. Nicusor Dan

Nicusor Dan, the leader of a new political party (Uniunea Salvati Romania), which ranked third in the elections last year, doesn’t own a home, but he does have a plot of 1.8 acres in the mountains resort of Predeal, which he bought 10 years ago with a mortgage loan.

According to the latest news, this summer he lived with his girlfriend and their baby daughter in a rented apartment in a cheap, outer neighbourhood in Bucharest. He paid 250 euros a month.

Houses of Romania’s political leaders. Calin Popescu Tariceanu

Former liberal leader and prime minister, now co-president of a new party and president of the Senate, Calin Popescu Tariceanu, owns a property in Snagov, a trendy comune just outside Bucharest, filled with luxury VIP homes.

Tariceanu lives in a 4,898 sq ft house facing the lake, built on a plot of almost half an acre, that he bought in 2007. It’s a 480.000 euro home, according to his own statement 10 years ago.

houses of Romania's political leaders


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