The Sky Pool – A Deluxe Adventure

The developers of a luxury property complex in London did not confine to building an exclusivist residential area, with elegant modern design buildings. They also came up with the idea of a genuinely original and unique pool concept which breaks all the classic patterns. No wonder the project was suggestively named “Sky Pool” – it hands ten stories above the ground and, while relaxing in the water, swimmers can see anything that happens in the streets below.

According to a press release of the developers, Sky Pool will be made out of glass about 20 cm thick and carry a water depth of about 1.3 meters. Though it may very well look like a pool, the concept is designed to resemble an aquarium, designers also say.

The sky pool is unique

The sky pool – 35 meters high

From the height of 35 meters, swimmers can enjoy views such as London Eye and the Westminster Palace. But engineers working at the Embassy Gardens property development look at the futurist pool project with realism. The concept does not come without challenges – especially given that the pool will be subject to forces exerted on it by the two adjacent buildings, which have been constructed on separate foundations. “They move slightly differently in the wind so one big problem is that we’re trying to span potentially a fragile structure between these two buildings that are moving separately,” engineer Brian Eckersley told the BBC.

The pool will not be made of glass, but of transparent acrylic and the water will be filtered to keep the pool clean on the inside.

The sky pool is unique

The sky pool – moving on bearings

“The experience of the pool will be truly unique,” said Sean Mulryan, CEO of property developers the Ballymore Group, in the press release. “It will feel like floating through the air in central London”, he added. Developers also say this pool concept is unique in the world at the moment. Still, the pool will only be available to those buying apartments in the exclusivist district, with sales expected to start next month. The starting price of a luxury apartment will be 1 million USD.

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