Pretty DIY Flower Pot Ideas

Spring and summer is a real pleasure to watch the windows of the houses. More in the joke, more seriously, it looks like they are in the colors and varieties of plants. Thus, each housewife, at the beginning of spring, takes out on the terrace the plants that he has cared for in winter, following that they bloom in very short time, with the high temperatures. But equally important are the flower holders, which can completely transform a terrace or the appearance of a window. Thus, in the ranks below we present some examples of flower holders that you can achieve yourself, with few materials.

Pretty DIY Flower Pot Ideas

As we said above, the flower holders are as important as the plants, in some cases they are even the resistance piece. Although most of the time they are made of wood or plastic, you can achieve flower holders from any material you desire. If you want a really special one, we recommend that you paint it or paint it as you like. Here are some examples of flower holders that you can achieve:

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