Best Dog Breeds With Children. The Perfect Playmate for Your Little One

Children growing with a pet around develop a stronger immune system, are less prone to alergies and more active. They also assimilate rules and gain social skills faster and are more considerate. A dog would be the perfect playmate for a child and there are certain breeds that thrive in the company of children and have a sharp protective instinct. Here are the best dog breeds with children.


This is a gentle, sweet dog, full of life and curious. They just love everybody and are excellent companions for children, as well as tolerant to other dogs. They’re also vigilant and good with family members of any age.

best dog breeds with children

Best dog breeds with children. Golden Retriever

Often associated with children and life in the suburbs, they are known for their love for water and their rescue abilities. It’s probably the best dog breed for children. It’s a good, loyal dog, very patient and intelligent, not at all aggressive, nor shy.

best dog breeds with children

Labrador Retriever

It has a similar personality with the Golden Retriever, but it’s sometimes favored for its shorter hair. This is a dog that also loves to play, especially in water, behaves in an exemplary manner with children. You can trust it even with a toddler, as it has no aggressive drive whatsoever and cand stand endless teasing. It’s probably why you see these dogs in many families with babies.

best dog breeds with children

Best dog breeds with children. Poodle

The poodle is one of the smartest dog breeds there is, and it’s probably the reason why it’s been a worldwide favorite for a long time. It sheds very little, which makes it ideal for children with allergies. Poodles are elegant, loving, playful, considerate and extremely patient dogs.

best dog breeds with children

English bulldog

It’s a very cheerful, spontaneous, brave and balanced dog. It’s also clever, gentle and sensitive and extremely careful with children. It usually gets along well with other animals too. It’s not really an active dog, so you have to get it to exercise, not to become obese.

best dog breeds with children

Best dog breeds with children. Collie

The breed made famous by Lassie, has a special sensitivity which makes it easy to train. It establishes a wonderful relationship with children, whom it loves to play and run around with. The only problem is its long hair that requires special attention.

The Border Colliea (photo) are perfectionists who tirelessly seek to please their master, so it’s best that they’re owned by someone with experience and patience to bring out those qualities.

best dog breeds with children


A lot of new parents would rather get a small-size dog, and the pug is a great choice. It becomes a true friend, a loyal and affectionate companion that gets along with everybody, including the family cat. Pugs are also full of life and exuberant, and can be fidgety. They tend to pout when they have no activity.

best dog breeds with children


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