Ingenious Ways to Hide Wires Around the House

Every day, we have more and more appliances and electrical products in the house, but that means more cables that are hard to hide, without crushing the décor of the room, to which, to be honest, we have worked very hard. So, we know that nothing is more upsetting than finishing the house, just to realize that the first thing you notice when you walk into a room are the cables from the TV and the Internet insies in the middle of the carpet chosen with great care. Here’s how you hide the wiring in the house to avoid such unpleasant situations.

Ingenious Ways to Hide Wires Around the House

The walls of the living room are white, the furniture was made to order, and the carpet was specially brought from an exotic country, in which you were on vacation. The decorations are represented by traditional objects, purchased from various journeys, combined with items received in the gift, from those closest to you. But in addition to the above there are several black cables, of different sizes, which you try to hide after furniture or under the carpet, but by no success rule. In today’s article will cause you to stop hiding the cables, but to use them to decorate the house. How, see in the pictures below:


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