5 Modern Appliances For An Elegant And Practical Kitchen

Kitchen is the space in which we relax cooking, a good opportunity to also chat with the family. And as modern technology comes to our help, now we have plenty of time for such special moments when, in the evening or on weekends, we strengthen the bond with the family. Today we show you 5 modern appliances that will take some of the cooking and cleaning burden off your shoulders for you to enjoy more spare time.

Built-in ovens play a great role in modern kitchen decors, perfectly integrating into the cabinets for a final neat aspect. All boasting energy saving features, these ovens come in various sizes and volumes to fit different spaces, with many functions that turn cooking into a pleasant experience, mostly taken care of technology.

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And since we mentioned cooking, this multi-cooker kitchen machine. It features a 7-inch LCD screen that displays step-by-step video instructions to guide you through recipes and provides update on the progress of your meal. The appliance also connects to a mobile app that keeps an eye on what’s happening in the cooker, along with letting you download and create recipes and shopping lists, according to Cnet.com

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Dish washers are now an accessible luxury, enabling women across the world to spend more time for themselves. Like the above-mentioned ovens, these devices perfectly integrate in the kitchen, being flush with the furniture, in a final unitary décor, with modern lines. Economical when it comes to energy consumption, these dish washers are a real help in the kitchen, especially in a large family.

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When we say kitchen we also say the morning coffee. Well, in the era of technological interactivity, a company came up with a smart coffee maker whose abilities are made possible via a companion mobile application. Through the app users will be able brew coffee on demand or schedule beverage creation ahead of time. The machine is also expected to communicate with smartphones and tablets using Bluetooth wireless networking.

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Last on our list is an immersion circulator which can keep the pace with various type of food you’re cooking. If you aren’t familiar with sous vide, it’s a cooking method that suspends vacuum sealed ingredients into a water bath that’s held to a precise temperature. The food gradually gets brought up to the exact desired temperature, with no risk of overcooking.

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