Choosing A Refrigerator In A Few Easy Steps

A fridge is an acquisition which, sooner or later, everyone has to make. The technological evolution has brought us different models, all coming in a modern design and with energy saving features so to match all sorts of needs and tastes. If you find it hard to make a decision, here are some tips helping you in choosing a refrigerator.

Let’s start with the types of fridges, features with are connected to the design. Top-freezer/ bottom-freezer: these traditional models have a freezer on top and refrigerator on the bottom or a refrigerator on top and a freezer on the bottom. Reversible doors swing left or right to accommodate tight spaces.

Side-by-side types are another modern option. Similar-size refrigerator and freezer compartments run vertically from the top to the bottom of the unit. This is the best bet for a kitchen with limited space, like a galley kitchen, as it takes up the least room with the doors open.

The size and capacity are also important criteria to take into account. Measure the height, width and depth of the space your new fridge will occupy. Make sure there’s extra space to allow proper airflow around your refrigerator once installed. An easy tip to visualize size – a bag of groceries equals roughly one cubic foot. Next, consider your food-buying habits. If you purchase more fresh foods than frozen, you’ll want easy access and storage space in the refrigerator. If you buy more frozen foods, you’ll need more freezer space.

Refrigerators have tags inside that indicate their storage capacity. However, anywhere from 20 to 35 percent of that space may be unusable. Top-freezer models tend to have the least unusable space; side-by-side units have the most. Also look at the organization features. Smart compartments and organization aids make it easy to keep food fresh and neatly displayed.  Look for adjustable glass shelves, pantry drawers, humidity-control drawers and oversize door bins.

Finally, with the technological evolution a lot of features are now incorporated in a refigerator that could make the difference in making a choice. Consider the needs of your kitchen to determine if the following features are nice-to-have or must-have: dual-cooling system which allows freezers to circulate cool air separately from the fridge, air filtration system, programmable control pad, in-door ice storage, dual ice makers and energy-saving models.

Anyway, a good way to make up your mind is to check online reviews and consumer testing sites to find out which models are highly rated by people who have used them. See also which brands have repair services available in your area.


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