How To Keep Thieves Away From Your Home

It is that kind of thought that gives you the goose bumps, knowing that someone can break into your family perimeter anytime. But this unfortunate reality can be prevented by means of some simple ways to discourage break-ins which don’t involve not leaving your key under the door mat. Here is how to keep thieves away from your home, in some recommendations coming via law enforcement as well.

Since we live in the era of modern technology, why not use it to improve the security environment? Rely on surveillance cameras, they come in a wide range of accessible models, some of them nigh-vision enabled for a protection of your home round the clock.

Policemen say the most exposed to risks are houses with porches in the back. Those which have porches pointing at the street allow for a higher degree of communication and socialization among neighbors and thus they get to know each other and randomly keep an eye on each other’s home, ensuring a minimum degree of safety in the neighborhood. Speaking of neighbors, alert those you trust about you leaving the town for a while and ask that they keep an eye on your property during that time.

“It doesn’t give them a feeling of welcome to commit the act because they know anybody can call in the police and then it will lead to their apprehension,” one officer was quoted as saying. Since it hard for an owner to change the design of the house, policemen, but also landscape experts, make a series of recommendations to enhance the safety.

A first step is trimming the hedges so they are not higher than one meter. Even though some owners see this type of vegetation as a safe means of intimacy, hedges are the best places where a thief can hide.

Hard to believe but, sometimes, the chromatic aspect of a house can prevent a theft. Police thus recommend front be painted in bright colors, like red. Such colors catch the eye of the passers-by and if someone tries to break into the house there are higher chance a driver or a pedestrian in the neighborhood sees him.

Another recommendation, already a classic one, is that blinds are open. Thieves are convinced that behind closed drapes no one is watching them. In both the front and the back yard, owners are recommended to install motion sensors that can activate lighting. In this manner, any intruder gets the instant message “they have been seen”.

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