5 Spare Time Gadgets

The alert rhythm of contemporary life has thrown us back into nature’s arms. It is almost impossible for us to imagine the daily activity without a bit of relaxation in it. For those who recharge their batteries in the open air, here are some spare time gadgets that will help you start a new day with optimism and confidence.

The bike is the first option when it comes to spare time. Not only does it help you stay fit, but also take you deep into nature, discovering new landscapes. Depending on your age, tastes and physical abilities, you have a lot of bike designs to choose from, including foldable ones for easy storage. You can also choose a tricycle if you want to give your bike a more practical role.

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If the bike is not high on your agenda, for various reasons, then rediscover the child in you by relaxing while riding a scooter. You have a broad range available so to diversify the experience of a relaxing activity in your spare time, along the children.

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Most hammocks that accommodate more than one person do it by cramming you together in a single large pocket. While there’s nothing wrong with that, wouldn’t you rather have your own space, instead of being forced to snuggle with your sweaty and smelly camping buddy? That’s what the T-Mini Double Hammock does. Made by Tentsile, it’s a hammock based on the outfit’s triple-anchor camping hammocks, utilizing the same shape and design to maximize surface area. More importantly, this results in two separate areas, so two people can chill out in a single hammock while enjoying their own personal space, according to a description on Coolthings.com

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Do not forget to pack Lifestraw’s personal water filter, which cleans and purifies liquids while you’re sipping directly from any water source. It just might be the most convenient way to ensure you’ll have a regular supply of clean drinking water while exploring the outdoors. As useful as it is, though, the plastic construction doesn’t exactly make for the most beautiful object. If you prefer your gear to satisfy the aesthetic senses as much as they serve your needs, you might want to trade up to the new Lifestraw Steel.

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Pull Start Fire is a brick-sized contraption with two strings, one green and one red, on either end. To use, simply tie down the green string to a log to secure it and pull the red string off to start the fire. Removing the red string triggers some sort of firecracker inside (there will be a small explosion), which then sets the rest of the brick on fire. It can keep burning for up to 40 minutes even in the middle of 200 mph winds, so this thing will light any fire, no questions asked. Do note, while kindling is not necessary, they recommend adding some if you’re burning damp logs to ensure everything burns nicely.

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