Modern Doors – Industrial And Residential Design

Between a well landscaped courtyard and fine interior spaces there is always a door. Be it a house, apartment, garage, workshop or a small shop that you have set up on your property, doors are elements that are part of a whole set that you cannot ignore for the reasons that relate to their both aesthetic and practical side. Below is a sequence of different modern doors for each of such spaces and their important role for either of the two reasons mentioned above.

For those people who keep up with the fast pace of life, here are some access points to match. These doors are fast PVC doors with the fastest time of opening / closing thereby reducing thermal energy consumption. They are used mainly in supermarkets, logistics centers, warehouses, car washes, but can also serve as garage doors. Among the safety elements of this type of doors we list the optoelectrical sensor in the bottom seal with self-testing, safety photocells, the Anti Crash system and stability to wind and air currents through horizontal galvanized steel reinforcements.

usi moderne modern doors 1

The entrepreneurial spirit also finds its counterpart in modern doors. Industrial doors come in different designs to meet various needs: sectional doors – made of horizontal steel sections having a total thickness of 40 mm, insulated and filled with polyurethane foam, harmonic or folding doors – suitable for halls with a low height lintel or those where the structure does not allow an extra roof burden, pedestrian doors, fireproof sliding doors for protection in case of fire in spaces adjacent to high fire risk spaces (warehouses, thermal plants).

usi moderne modern doors 2 usi moderne modern doors 3

We move on from modern and versatile industrial doors to some smaller ones, which complements the overall aesthetic appearance of a house. Wood and stone have always made good pair in terms of visual impact, a perfect symbiosis of beauty which says a lot about your home before even stepping inside.

usi moderne modern doors 4 usi moderne modern doors 6
usi moderne modern doors 5

And because everything that involves modern is also transparent, then let the glass speak through its unmistakable reflections about visionary architecture and interior design befitting contemporary times. Again wood brings its warm and friendly touch through various natural shades, while glass perfects its aesthetical contribution for more refinement. Let the images speak for themselves about the role of a modern door in a bon ton home.

usi moderne modern doors 7 usi moderne modern doors 8 usi moderne modern doors 9
usi moderne modern doors 10

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