4 Flowers That Grow On Tree Trunks

Nature never ceases to surprise us with its wonders. We have so far seen flowers that withstand drought and cold, filter toxins in the atmosphere, plants that live off moisture in the air or flowers that bloom at night only. The list can go on, but we will today stop and take a close look at some flowers that grow on tree trunks, an extra proof nature remains as unpredictable as we all know it. The description comes mostly from Ehow.com

In the spring, Japanese cherry trees come to life with hundreds of small flowers. There are more than 100 types of cherry trees in Japan, according to Japan Guide, and most of them bear petite, five-petaled flowers. However, some species of cherry blossom, known as “yaezakura,” can have up to 100 densely packed petals. Most cherry tree blossoms are white or pink, and Japan Guide explains that some flowers may begin as one shade before turning another. Most cherry tree flowers blossom in the springtime, but some also bloom in autumn and winter, with flowers containing higher numbers of petals typically blooming later.

Flowers that grow on tree trunks

Flowers that grow on tree trunks – redbud

Ghost orchid is one of America’s rarest flowers, the ghost orchid grows only in Cuba and a small section of Southern Florida. All ghost orchids are protected by law due to their endangered status, and grow on the aged trunks of bald cypress trees that are between 400 and 500 years old. The leafless flowers are attached to the trees by thin roots that are difficult to see, making it appear as though the flowers float in the air. They are only able to be pollinated by the giant sphinx moth, which has a long proboscis able to reach the inside of the cream-colored orchid. This orchid blooms for only 10 days to two weeks and can go several years between flowerings.

Flowers that grow on tree trunks

Flowers that grow on tree trunks – ghost orchid

Magnolia trees have large white flowers with a sweet fragrance, according to “Southern Living,” and are often grown for their foliage. The trees can be deciduous, with leaves that fall off seasonally, or evergreen, bearing leaves year-round. Magnolia trees can take up to 10 years after planting to release flowers. Due to their dense branches and leaves, “Southern Living” states, maintaining grass in their shade is impossible. As the trees can cover an area of up to 40 feet, it is important to plan ahead when growing them in a garden, as they can easily overtake other plants. Southern magnolias are the official state flower of Louisiana and Mississippi, and the plant is often considered an icon of the American south.

Flowers that grow on tree trunks

Flowers that grow on tree trunks – magnolia

Fuchsia is considered one of the most shade tolerant flowers. It is also one of the most colorful flowers. In warm areas fuchsia grows in the garden, but in a temperate climate it can be often found in pots. It only needs shade and moist soil to bloom all summer. Fuchsia tree is the species that fits our description above.

Flowers that grow on tree trunks

Flowers that grow on tree trunks – tree fuchsia

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