DIY wooden log and slice home decor ideas

Wooden houses remain the favorite of the Romans, so it’s no wonder that many prefer and pieces of furniture or decorations of natural materials. For those who want a home with a rustic air, we present you in the following parts of furniture and decorations made of logs-20 projects that you can finish with your loved ones.

DIY wooden log and slice home decor ideas

With a little effort and a lot of imagination, a simple log can be transformed into a chair or a table, but it can also place shelves. Whether you use them in the house, on the balcony or in the garden, these small chairs in the pictures below, made from logs and with pillows or skin above are very useful when you have guests. To complete the décor, coffee tables can also be made from the logs, which you can attach rotating legs or some of the higher iron. You can also cut the logs to get a flat surface, which you can put cards or any other items of scenery. Last but not least, from the logs you can make a support for wine bottles, and for glasses, you can produce a rustic air support. For a more intense color, use the bait and then wood varnish for time protection. And if on the log table you put the cup holders, also from the logs, then you can also make candle holders. The logs can bring that rustic air into the kitchen if you use them as a spoon, fork or knife holder. And for your friend quadruped you can make a stand for the dishes of water and food, as we can see below. Finally, the logs can be used in the garden, instead of pots-picking his logs to make room for the earth and plant flowers.



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