Entryway ideas – how to decorate your entryway

When we move in a new house, we are very concerned about decorating it to the smallest detail. As a general rule, we are interested in giving the impression of a larger space and not a corner of the house to remain not usde in an effective way. So, we carefully choose the color of walls and floors in each room, we opt for pieces of furniture that have a pleasant appearance and perfectly complement the decor, but which at the same time help us to organize all things as best. And the list can continue at the end. We will not state now all the steps a person has to make when moving into a new home, but we will remember the articles that we have written in the past on this topic. Of course, when we talk about arranging a dwelling, that doesn’t necessarily involve moving to a new house. You can, as well, change the ambiance of the house you live in today and rearrange it. If as far as the other rooms are cooncerded, there are many ideas and tips to inspire you, when it comes to arranging the lobby most people choose tonot give too much importance to it. A hanger or storage space for footwear is often the only objects that are found in the hallway of a house. But with a little effort, the entrance hall can be transformed into a very welcoming room. After all, it’s the space you first come into contact with.

Entryway ideas – how to decorate your entryway

  • Usually the halls are narrow and long, so a first rule is to opt for tall furniture. For example, a high (but narrow) dresser, with many drawers, will be very useful if placed in the hallway – it will also look great;
  • If the space does not allow you to place too many storage objects, opt for shelves and shelving;
  • As for painting the hallway and the floor, make sure that the hallway is in harmony with the rest of the house and that the transition from the hallway to the living room and the other rooms does not cause a visual shock. It is recommended to choose light (and warm) shades for the hallway because they will give the impression of a larger and brighter space;
  • You can also  place a large mirror. This has a practical purpose because it will allow you to make the final touches before you leave the house, but also a decorative one. It will give the impression of a larger space, reflecting any source of light, which enters the entrance hall;
  • If space does not allow you to play with too many decorative objects, opt for wallpaper. Thus decorate a wall with wallpaper and keep the others in an open, warm shade, as we said above.
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