Kids’ Rooms – Inspiring Design Ideas

Kids’ room always bring a splash of color and vitality into a home. No wonder, the room must absorb all the energy of the children by means of a well-chosen design and accessories that capture their attention. Below are some suggestions for children’s bedroom designs to inspire you in picking the best idea that will keep the kids busy while you relax on the terrace or the balcony.

The central element is, of course, the color. In the screenshot below we have a well-balanced chromatic room, with yellow stripes coupled with plastic chairs from the same color, the poster on the wall and Mickey Mouse’s feet. Blue brings a touch of vitality against the white background of the room.

Kids’ Rooms in many colors

Kids’ rooms – yellow and blue

A room that gravitates around the bed with canopy and hues of violet, well arranged all around, forming a unitary image. At the end of the bed, one hand sewn wall tapestry brings a touch of class and elegance to the room bathed in light and color.

Kids’ rooms in many colors

Kids’ rooms – modern, with classic notes

From a girl’s room we move on to a boy’s corner, full of different colors that complement each other harmoniously. The room exudes a relaxing, classic air, relaxing, despite accessories that reveal the space of a teenage boy.

Kids’ rooms in many colors

Kids’ rooms – a boy’s space

A modern original room, extended vertically. Bunk beds, including intelligent storage spaces, come to bring a touch of color and shape to a room full of light, yet inert chromatically.

Kids’ rooms in many colors

Kids’ rooms – bunk beds with storage

In the attic, any room can easily become a kids’ room that will love this roof shaped form. Any corner can become a storage space over which pour waves of natural light through the skylight.

Kids’ rooms in many colors

Kids’ rooms – the nest in the attic

Again, fine contrasts in a two teenage girls’ room, judging by the light colors that open up the space. Shades of pink and gray make the landscape more dynamic visually, while insertions of black turn into small focal points.

Kids’ rooms in many colors

Kids’ rooms – fine contrasts

A room which goes vertical again. The space features a playhouse-like structure that contains bunk beds and a staircase with storage drawers built into the steps, leaving the kids more room for playing around.

Kids’ rooms in many colors

Kids’ rooms – playhouse structure


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