Wooden Modular Homes – The Practical Choice

Modular houses appeared amid the growing need for mobility of people and represents a new trend in building a construction combining multiple aesthetic, economic, environmental and energy efficiency advantages. At the same time, the fact that all the structural elements are interchangeable enables owners to customize their home and accommodate it based on their needs, but especially the budget. Below you can find three examples of wooden modular homes, along a series of pros that one can hardly ignore.

Besides the ingenious, futuristic design, manufactured homes also have the advantage of lower costs compared to conventionally raised homes, given that the structural elements are prefabricated, with reduced costs and production time. In addition to being economical, modular homes are energy efficient, ecological and aesthetic, boasting a design that stand out. More than that, such homes can be placed anywhere one desires – in the mountains, on the seaside or in a forest.

The first example is a house sitting on 68 square meters. The wooden modular home is made in Latvia and is divided into three bedrooms, a living area and a bathroom.

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The second example is a modular home made by the same manufacturer, this time spreading on 110 square meters. The house has the shape of letter H and features two bedrooms on one side, a third on the other along a room which can serve as a study. The living area lies in the middle.

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The third example is a house made in Romania and has a heat transfer coefficient of just 0.17 W/m2k. It is a house sitting on a total area of 103 square meters and featuring a living, kitchen, dining, two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a porch and a patio. The price for the basic prefabricated kit is about 20,000 Euros and goes up to about 52,000 Euros for a house featuring all the finishes.

Drafting a plan takes about 6 days, then 10 days are necessary for the production of the prefabricated structure, 6 other days to install it on the construction site and another 45 days to build and deliver a turnkey house. The company uses the German prefabricated house building system which ensures a lifespan of at least 100 years for the houses.

case-modulare-modular-houses-1 case-modulare-modular-houses-3 case-modulare-modular-houses-4

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