The Climbers’ Home – Total Relaxation

A home is by excellence the place where we relax and recharge our batteries at the end of a hard day. But what would it be like, besides the classic spaces where we do that, we also enjoy a corner of adventure where we can lose the stress by physical effort? The climbers’ home is such an example where relaxation comes on two levels: passive and active. Pictures and description come via

Working with a modest budget, Carney Logan Burke Architects designed this home for their client, a full-time resident who has lived in Jackson, Wyoming for 17-years, who wanted a cost-effective, modern house. The beautiful house seems to have grown straight from the grass, at the base of the surrounding mountains.

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What resulted is a house which features a simple two-story box design. On the lower level there’s the entry, guest bedroom, garage, gear storage and utility areas. The upper level accommodates the kitchen, an open living area, and the master bedroom. Decks and window openings are carved out of the box to capture daylight and to connect the upper living spaces to views of the surrounding ski fields. The exterior of the home is clad in black corrugated metal and was chosen for its durability, texture and low cost. Due to the height of the building, the designers were also able to install a climbing wall.

to visually balance the austere looking exterior, inside, bold colors have been used to brighten up some of the walls. In the kitchen, bright green tiles draw your eye to the cooktop and open shelving. Even the bathroom walls have been painted a bright blue. Long windows provide plenty of natural light to the staircase, and the brightly colored walls continue upstairs.  In the bedroom, the wall color has been toned down and windows provide views of the mountains in the distance. The bedroom also has access to one of the balconies, allowing for some outdoor space.

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