Modern Architectural Trio Built In The Midst Of Wilderness

Here are the data that give us the full context: a wild landscape, a rugged terrain, with rocks all around, almost inaccessible, lying in a coastal area, lacking any trace of human civilization. This image is then completed by adding three modern structures which, even though appears to be an odd presence in this natural landscape, at least at a first sight, perfectly integrates in this environment unaltered by civilization. And this is how we get the final picture which has always fascinated us: contemporary dwellings in the very middle of unspoiled natural landscapes, true oases of civilization.

This modern architectural trio is comprised of three wooden holiday retreats designed and build by an American architecture firm on the site of a former quarry, on the coast of Maine, a state in NE America. Even if physically separated, the three wooden cabins are connected terraced decks. The whole structure spreads on 82 square meters and comprises a main building with living and dining areas, and two freestanding bedroom structures linked by decks, according to contemporary design specialized website

Modern architectural trio in America

Modern architectural trio – a true oasis of civilization in a stretch of wilderness

trio arhitectonic modern Modern architectural trio 4 trio arhitectonic modern Modern architectural trio

The buildings are made entirely of factory-cut cross-laminated timber (CLT) panels – a type of engineered wood made by layering up sections of wood – which were brought to the island site by boat, an easier way than terrestrial transport. The wood was pre-cut for easier transportation and assembled on the rugged terrain. The shed-like structures also have pitched, standing-seam metal roofs and horizontal wood cladding.

The views the three cabins invite in are breathtaking and highlighted by pictures taken from inside. The large glazings also help the houses and those inside blend with the surroundings and can be covered, during the night or in hot summers, by sliding wooden shutters. Interiors were furnished simply so to save the space for recreation activities. Vaulted ceilings also expand the space upwards. In summer, ample cross ventilation keeps the buildings cool and energy costs low (the three houses are not in use in winter).

Modern architectural trio in America

Modern architectural trio – impressive views seen from simply furnished interiors

trio arhitectonic modern Modern architectural trio 6 trio arhitectonic modern Modern architectural trio 7

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