15 Modern Bedroom Curtains And Drapes

We dedicate much time for the choice of furniture and often ignore the potential of drapes and curtains in shaping a nice interior decor which helps us relax. But the curtains and decorative drapes have an important role in the interior design of a home and can radically change the atmosphere of a room. For this reason, they are available in a wide variety of colors, shapes and fabrics, which makes choosing them a more difficult choice. Here are several models of modern bedroom curtains and drapes, along with some advice on the criteria for choosing these important accessories.

Beyond the concern for the room design, we must take into account the practical aspects of drapes and curtains. Both the color and the fabric of the curtains have to let the natural light flow into the room. The more fluid and transparent they are, warmer the room will seem.

Draperies should be made from opaque materials, to provide both privacy and darkness. To make a room look taller we can use long curtains, hanging from the ceiling, and to make it appear more spacious, turn to short curtains. However, the length of the curtains must also be considered based on the type of room, various obstacles, such as radiators, furniture items under the window, utilities, etc. In the bedroom we can create an intimate and relaxing atmosphere with some veil curtains, transparent and fluid, that go very well with long curtains, featuring patterned designs that integrate into the room’s overall design.

The children’s room is the most cheerful room, so the curtains should inspire and reflect their passions. The models are diverse, ranging from cartoon characters to floral and fairytale worlds. Similar to the adults’ bedroom, the curtains have an important role in ensuring privacy in the evenings, so they must be opaque, but we can opt for natural light fabrics to keep the atmosphere serene.

Be careful about the colors and how you combine them. Avoid using dark colors in both curtains / drapes and carpets on the floor, turning to a chromatic balance instead – dark curtains, light carpets or vice versa. Here are a few examples of modern bedroom curtains and drapes that shall inspire you in arranging a comforting decor.

perdele-si-draperii-moderne-pentru-dormitor-modern-bedroom-curtains-and-drapes-1 perdele-si-draperii-moderne-pentru-dormitor-modern-bedroom-curtains-and-drapes-2 perdele-si-draperii-moderne-pentru-dormitor-modern-bedroom-curtains-and-drapes-3 perdele-si-draperii-moderne-pentru-dormitor-modern-bedroom-curtains-and-drapes-4 perdele-si-draperii-moderne-pentru-dormitor-modern-bedroom-curtains-and-drapes-5 perdele-si-draperii-moderne-pentru-dormitor-modern-bedroom-curtains-and-drapes-6 perdele-si-draperii-moderne-pentru-dormitor-modern-bedroom-curtains-and-drapes-14
perdele-si-draperii-moderne-pentru-dormitor-modern-bedroom-curtains-and-drapes-7 perdele-si-draperii-moderne-pentru-dormitor-modern-bedroom-curtains-and-drapes-8 perdele-si-draperii-moderne-pentru-dormitor-modern-bedroom-curtains-and-drapes-9 perdele-si-draperii-moderne-pentru-dormitor-modern-bedroom-curtains-and-drapes-10 perdele-si-draperii-moderne-pentru-dormitor-modern-bedroom-curtains-and-drapes-11 perdele-si-draperii-moderne-pentru-dormitor-modern-bedroom-curtains-and-drapes-12 perdele-si-draperii-moderne-pentru-dormitor-modern-bedroom-curtains-and-drapes-13

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