The Recreational Vehicle Turned Cabin In The Woods

We go on with our series of articles dedicated to those seeking to go beyond their limits and choosing to live in houses that break the patterns. In a world in continuous motion, ideas are starting to multiply amid more and more inspiration sources and the off-beat homes are getting more and more diverse designs. Today we will admire the cabin an American designer came up with a very fine looking wood cabin set up to be a recreational vehicle as well.

The designer says this house, suggestively named Escape, is not really about living, but rather about life. Escape was conceived as a high quality cottage, not a recreational vehicle. Inspired by All-American architect Frank Lloyd Wright’s celebrated attention to detail and appreciation of nature, every element of the Escape has been finished to the highest quality standards, featuring cedar lap siding, LED lighting, Energy Star appliances and much more. With remarkable architectural detail and beautiful furnishings, this is hardly your standard recreational vehicle, but rather an object of repose that enhances the beauty of any natural setting, the designer says, as quoted by

The 14′ width permits a nicely designed bathroom beside the bedroom, but limits the length to 28′ if one is going to stay under the American 400 square foot limit. This pretty much eliminates the possibility of a kitchen other than a linear unit along the wall, but it feels spacious and the kitchen is certainly adequate.

The recreational vehicle turned cabin in America

The recreational vehicle turned cabin – at the heart of nature

All the interior wood finishing is standard, as is the cathedral ceiling and all the other nice architectural touches. The designer left out the loft and the ladder, which young people prefer, leaving the cathedral ceiling to dominate the whole interior. Furthermore, the builder says living in this cabin makes you become one with nature with virtually no carbon footprint: Escape is an incredibly green and environmentally friendly living solution. It is constructed entirely of recyclable or sustainable growth materials and consumes very little power.

The wood cabin is heated by a sealed combustion, a high efficiency fireplace while there is no furnace. The fireplace is rated at over 90% efficient and even through this brutal winter – our temps have consistently been -20 to -35 below zero – the fireplace has easily heated Escape and saved owners plenty of money.

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