The Most Profitable Orchards. Best Selling and Producing Trees

The idea of managing an orchard appeals to you and you have the plot and the money to invest, but can’t decide on the type of trees to plant. Some grow crops faster, others are more resistant, and some fruits are more demanded than others. Here are the most profitable orchards from all these points of view.

Cherry and sour cherry

Among the most profitable trees in Romania are cherry and sour cherry trees, because there aren’t a lot of these orchards with mass production. Plus, if you go for bio production, which is not so complicated, you could really increase your profit.

The bad part with these fruit trees is that you can only start to profit after 4 years.

The most profitable orchards. Walnut, hazelnut or almond

Walnut trees are among the most profitable fruit trees, but they need 4 – 6 years to begin to produce. The walnut is a long-living tree, with a lifespan of 85-100 years. Non-refundable European funds are available for starting a walnut tree plantation.

The demand for walnut kernel is higher than the offer that is available. There are only 5,000 acres of walnut orchards in Romania, compared to 125,000 acres of apple orchards.

Every part of the walnut tree is exploited: the kernel (as it is and pressed for oil), the coat, the leaves and the wood.

The hazelnut kernel is also very nutritious, less sought after than the walnut, but more expensive. A hazelnut tree plantation can be exploited for 40 years. After 4-5 years a tree produces 2,5 – 3 kilos of fruit, while after 10 years, the production can go up to 20 – 30 kilos/tree.

You can also use the hazelnut tree plantation to grow truffles.

The almond tree is also grown for more than its fruit, which is also highly appreciated on the market, especially in the sweets industry.

The pharma and beauty industries use the almond oil, while the pomace resulted after extraction is used as forage.

The coat is used for rendering a special color and flavor to wines and brandies, while the wood is turned into art objects.

The most profitable orchards. Apple, quince and plum tree

Apple, quince and plum trees are among the most profitable fruit trees, but they grow well only in hilly areas.

Apples are probably the most consumed fruit in the country, and their juice is more and more popular too.

Plum schnapps is still the best schnapps there is in Romania, and the traditional plum jam (“magiun”) will only gain in popularity.

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