Business Ideas with a 1000 Euro Budget. Put Your Talent and Knowledge to Use

If you have the talent, the knowledge or simply the time for tasks people don’t want to handle themselves, you can start capitalizing all that. All you need is the time, to do the research and a small budget. It is your skills and imagination that will make a difference on the market. Here are some business ideas with a 1000 euro budget.

Manufacturing decorations or accessories

Crafting requires little capital and there’s the possibility for gradual development and eventually high income. The products that can be created in this type of business are various, from jewelry and other accessories to decorative objects and toys. The materials, the tools and their cost differ according to the type of craft. Some materials, such as dried flowers, pebbles, sea shells or recyclable items, are free.

business ideas with a 1000 euro budget jewelery

To start this business make sure you have the adequate space and facilities, the source for purchasing the materials at a good price and the target audience. Think of how and to who to sell to – in a shop, at occasional fairs or online.

business ideas with a 1000 euro budget crafts

Business ideas with a 1000 euro budget. Photography

Even though we all take photos with our phones whenever we want nowadays, there are still moments in life reserved for professional photography. One still resorts to a pro for wedding pictures, pictures of one’s children on special occasions, for a portfolio or a website.
This sort of business can be started with a low budget. The gear doesn’t have to be the most expensive one, what’s important is to have a rich portfolio, gained only through a lot of practice. You can promote it on a blog or a Facebook page, shoot at events, and eventually afford a private studio. Investing in a printing machine will give you the opportunity to print the photos on the spot and reduce the expenses.

business ideas with a 1000 euro budget photography

Business ideas with a 1000 euro budget. IT services

This field offers unlimited possibilities for work: web design, programming, SEO, data bases, antivirus installation etc. If you are passionate about this field and have the necessary knowledge or are willing to learn, you can make good money by working for companies, freelancers or just anyone who owns a personal computer and needs some kind of service. Aside from providing these services, you can also offer training in web design, Photoshop, editing documents etc. The demand for this type of services can only increase. You will need licenses for the programs you use and you have to promote yourself online.

business ideas with a 1000 euro budget IT

Business ideas with a 1000 euro budget. Online classes

Since we mentioned teaching, there are several other fields that can be approached: foreign languages, aerobics, cooking or knitting, whatever you are good at and can share with others on a website or blog. You will need a webcam, specific materials for what you teach and the channel. If you are passionate about sharing your knowledge and skills, you come up with an appealing way of teaching to differentiate yourself on this online market and you promote yourself properly, the investment is going to be successful.

business ideas with a 1000 euro budget classes


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