The 22,000 USD Tiny House, Freedom On 161 Square Feet

Cheap and efficient are the words best describing the mobile tiny house two American designers built for a more numerous segment of population interested in leading their lives in a small home, but which takes them closer to freedom. And since they wanted their tiny house to fully comply with the customers’ desires, the two called their product “Half/Half”, a name which hides a pragmatic approach of the two designers.

So where does this name come from? The explanation comes from designers Ryan Sorensen and Ben Davis who started a company specialized in building tiny houses, Monarchy Tiny Homes. “We build the first half — you finish the second half. The buyer receives the tiny home built on a trailer with [structural insulated panels], walls and roof with windows installed as well as NewTechWood lifetime recycled siding that never needs maintenance. It also comes with electrical, sewer, water, and gas lines all roughed in,” Davis explained to Huffington Post.

The 22,000 USD tiny house is cool

The 22,000 USD tiny house – finished interiors

Casa mobila de 22.000 de dolari foarte mica

After the home is delivered, the buyer can customize the interior. “The new owner can customize the home however they like — some will do it all on their own with reclaimed materials for free. Others will choose new high-end appliances with finishes”, Davis said in his turn.

The two designers’ “Half/Half” is 20 feet long, 8 feet wide and 13.6 feet in height, costing 22,000 USD. Fully finished, as seen in the images below, the mobile home costs 47,000 USD. The main advantage is the chic small house can be easily hitched to a car and then driven wherever the owner’s plans may go.

Sorensen says this idea struck him ten years ago when he put his belief of minimalist living into reality. He moved then his family of four into a 50 square feet home and found the experience functional and fun alike. He later teamed up with Davis to start making small homes.

The interior of the house is neatly arranged to the smallest detail so that the small size won’t diminish its functionality. A kitchen, a bathroom with a shower, a living room and a bed for two in the attic – “Half/Half” presents itself as a house in which you won’t realize life takes a diminutive angle.

The 22,000 USD tiny house is cool

The 22,000 USD tiny house – bed in the loft

The 22,000 USD tiny house is cool

The 22,000 USD tiny house – bathroom with shower cabin

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