Modern Bathrooms – Five Innovative Technologies That Come To Your Help

At the end of a hard day’s work, some overdue household chores come as a severe blow. This is precisely where modern technology comes into play, created in order to take some burden off our shoulders, especially in difficult times in which the body cries out for some rest. If we took a close look at how modern equipment helps us in the kitchen, then let’s now take a look in the bathroom, where a hot shower relaxation goes hand in hand with the chore of washing the laundry. Here’s more about a modern bathroom and the modern technology that always brings a smile on our faces.

Take as a reliable ally a modern washing machine, energy-efficient and designed to accommodate the chic decor of your bathroom. Some models come with cutting-edge engine that provides ultra-quiet operation to the highest standards of energy efficiency and, more importantly, has a 10 year warranty. With a capacity of up to 9 kg, these washing machines put the most innovative technology to work for you so that you can enjoy more time in the family.
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And if you have a washing machine, then associate it with a clothes dryer. The technology reduces both the noises of the engine and the vibration of the tumble, providing a truly silent operation. These dryers come with an innovative technology, the most energy efficient compared to conventional models. Through this technology, the air temperature inside the drum is considerably reduced compared to conventional dryers and most importantly, consumes minimal amounts of energy.

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And speaking of relaxation, here a new invention that will surely attract you into the bathroom like a magnet. Personalize your shower time with this tablet-like, full color digital screen which can be programmed to offer nine different bath “scenarios”. Apart from regulating water temperature from up to four outlets, the setup can also adjust lighting and volume levels from an audio device. It can also track water consumption, according to House Beautiful magazine.

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This LED light ring glows red or blue to indicate water temperature. The lever makes it easy to adjust pressure and temperature with one hand. Even the fluid shape looks ultramodern, and comes in super-cool matte powder-coat finishes, as well as polished chrome.

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Here is a bath tub that is a genuine sound system which connects to Bluetooth enabled devices so you can listen to music and news while you lie in the hot water and relax. When the tub is empty the sound propagates all across the room. When full, the sound vibrates through the water as you bathe.
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