Metallic Roof Tiles Vs Bitumen Sheets – Pros And Cons

The roof is a central element of a house so we need to pay it the due attention. But what do you do when you have such a large spectrum of material and you find it hard to choose the best solution for the roof? The simplest answer is to compare the materials from all the perspectives and then see what fits you best in terms of design and budget. Here’s a first comparison below between metallic roof tiles vs bitumen sheets, with pros and cons for each of them. At the end, make the decision based on your needs and budget.

Of course, any discussion has to start taking into the account the type of roofing. Factors such as the climate and slope of the roof and strength of the framing could limit your choices. At the same time, see if the he look complements the style of the house, if the materials eco-friendly and recyclable and, finally, the cost.

Let’s start with the metallic roof tiles. Among the advantages are weight (metal is about the lightest material you can install on your roof, about 10 km/sqm), durability (in average metal roofs are expected to last for 60-80 years) with ensuing long warranties of up to 40-50 years, easy to install and allow a good ventilation of the attic.

The list of disadvantages start with the high costs, the main drawback of metal, almost three times higher than bitumen tiles. At the same time, some people dislike its harsh appearance which may not fit a residential area, poor sound proofing and exposure to extreme expansion and contraction which impacts on their ability to remain water tight. Last, but not least, metal roofing absorbs a third less heat than bitumen shingles.

As concerns the bitumen shingles, they can be installed on any type of roof, are easy to install and repair and have a very low price, its main advantage. It can be ordered in fancy styles that mimic wood shakes or slate. Basic three-tab shingles dominate the category, but thicker, high-end laminates are available in many colors and with deep shadow lines.

Turning to cons now, bitumen shingles is easily inflammable, not eco-friendly since it hard to recycle, doesn’t ensure good ventilation under the roof, its durability is lower than metal’s, about half the life expectancy of the latter. It also scores low when it comes to overall aesthetics and is heavier than the metallic tile.

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