The Urban Treehouse – The Wonder In The Heart Of Berlin

Sometimes, happiness lies just a few meters above the ground level, as we’ve seen in many examples shown on our website. People choose to break patterns not by just building tiny homes which defy the real estate market by their low costs, yet featuring the same efficient living conditions, but also by building high, literally. In the next article we see how an old man’s dream was finally carried out by his grandson who believed in his grandfather’s vision.

The treehouse was built in Berlin’s Zehlendorf district, characterized by somewhat bourgeois residential buildings with larger properties and gardens. There are not many multi-story residential buildings here, unlike many other parts of Berlin. The special feature of the site lies in its outstanding location, bordering the forest and  located in the immediate vicinity of the beautiful lakes.

The urban treehouse in Berlin

The urban treehouse – suspended almost three meters above the ground

The initiative belonged to the grandfather Hans-Joachim and his grandson Kolja, a developer, who ultimately implemented the project. Once more, it is conceived as an experiment and a research project for new construction and housing in tune with nature. It is intended to serve as an oasis and inspire friends and guests of the family, as well as students and those interested in architecture, according to

The project seemed even bolder since most of the treehouses are built in rural or natural areas, not in the big cities. After examining several designs, the two laid their eyes on two separate cubic units, each of them with 21 square meters of living space. Two identical treehouses, each built at a height of 2.6 meters. One of them can be literally called a treehouse since the intermediate level and both flights of stairs are supported by flexible suspensions from the oak.

The natural light-flooded interior provides everything one could possibly need: a bathroom with a shower, a kitchenette and comfortable bed, as well as some beautiful home accessories. An outdoor terrace is the optimum space of respite and boasts impressive views of the natural environment. Inside, the walls are clad in solid wood spruce panels with very good insulating qualities, while outside it blends harmoniously with aluminum panels.

The urban treehouse in Berlin

The urban treehouse – neatly arranged interior

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