Log Houses – Closer To Nature

Wood is by far the most accessible construction material. Found in abundance, wood is a material that has multiple processing possibilities. Ever since ancient times, it has been used almost in its raw state, but awareness of its capabilities developed along the evolution of man and history. Currently, wood is the primary material used in most of the construction environment. Aesthetic looking, having bearing properties, its warmth and naturalness have always been appreciated and exploited.

The specialists with the Alpin House have built log houses for more than a decade. They have relied on various technologies, such as Finnish or Canadian building techniques in which logs come together in solid structures in which traditional gracefully blends with modern. The company builds massive wood houses, holiday retreats and chalets, Finnish saunas, garden sheds, attics, garden furniture, children play houses and all sorts of exterior ornamental accessories, all made of wood which is carefully selected and then treated with water based solutions in compliance with European standards. The self-supporting structure of such buildings is made by successive overlapping of vertical logs. This constructive system, suitable especially for green areas, is ideal for people who respect and love nature, it responds perfectly to the requirements of a green lifestyle.

“Log houses feature a wide range of benefits, such as a shorter time required for building, a higher thermal protection which is directly proportional with the thickness of the log walls (ranging from 20 to 40 cm), protection against water infiltration thanks to technologies that make walls literally breather, a very good sound insulation and protection against fire”, Adrian Florescu, manager of the company based in Hunedoara, told us.

log houses

Log houses – all sizes and designs

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The market is growing, both in Romania and abroad, and that is reflected in the number of orders. “We have already signed contracts to build 10 houses over the course of this year. The number is up compared to the previous years when the market was lower”, he explained. He says more than half of his customers go for log houses due to their lower price even though, Florescu argues, a log house built by the book could be pricier than a classic house. “The price is 350-400 Euros per square meter for a house delivered at a semi-finite stage. A house with all the finishing in place takes more money out of a customer’s pocket and, after all, it is the client who decides what to put inside it”, he further said.

The company started building log houses abroad, too, where this type of construction is seen as the perfect embodiment of rustic style and natural aesthetics. Among the customers are both foreigners and Romanians who immigrated to Holland, Germany or Italy. Most of the customers opt for holiday homes, but in Romania more and more are also looking for tourist hostels made from wood logs. “We have well-off customers who own a couple of concrete masonry homes, but, still, they covet a rustic feel house”, our interlocutor outlined. The company’s offer of plans is wide, starting with gardens sheds, holiday retreats, all the way to two story houses, all displaying the same organic beauty of wood, personalized by its natural and round shapes.

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