Single Floor Houses Under 130 Square Meters

Some people prefer homes that ensure proximity to the ground for reasons that range from age to fear of earthquakes. In this case, single floor houses are ideal solutions that answer both effective needs and fears. Here are three single floor houses under 130 square meters, homes featuring various types of architecture so to match different tastes that come with the age.

The first plan shows a house sitting on a living area of 130 square meters. The house draws attention thanks to its simple architecture, but featuring facades visually dynamic thanks to fine contrasts between the roof and various exterior finishes and, respectively, the plastered areas. Even though on a single level, the house offers plenty of space for various activities. Three bedrooms lie in a corner and share a bathroom, two of them connected to the outdoor area. The semi-open living area enjoys access to two separate patios. The turkey price of this house stands at about 52,500 Euros.

case-cu-parter-sub-130-de-metri-patrati-single-floor-houses-under-130-square-meters-1 case-cu-parter-sub-130-de-metri-patrati-single-floor-houses-under-130-square-meters-2 case-cu-parter-sub-130-de-metri-patrati-single-floor-houses-under-130-square-meters-3

The second plan describes a house with a living area of 126 square meters which is a practical answer to a family’s need for flexibility in a compact and comfortable space. The modern design of the façade, featuring large glazed areas, and the brick finishes on the walls suggest an appealing atmosphere. Inside, the house features three bedrooms, one of them with its own bathroom, while the other half brings together the living, dining and kitchen. The price ranges from about 57,000 to 81,500 Euros depending on the finishes.

case-cu-parter-sub-130-de-metri-patrati-single-floor-houses-under-130-square-meters-4 case-cu-parter-sub-130-de-metri-patrati-single-floor-houses-under-130-square-meters-5 case-cu-parter-sub-130-de-metri-patrati-single-floor-houses-under-130-square-meters-6 case-cu-parter-sub-130-de-metri-patrati-single-floor-houses-under-130-square-meters-7

Finally, the third example is a house sitting on 122 square meters of living area. The house catches the eye thanks to its architecture that blends traditional and modern lines, such as the complex roof and details on the façade which also feature decorative stone. The house has an attached garage on the side, while half of the interior space is taken up by three bedrooms. The living area covers the other half, connected to the exterior. The turnkey price is about 62,000 Euros, if you choose a steel frame.

case-cu-parter-sub-130-de-metri-patrati-single-floor-houses-under-130-square-meters-8 case-cu-parter-sub-130-de-metri-patrati-single-floor-houses-under-130-square-meters-9 case-cu-parter-sub-130-de-metri-patrati-single-floor-houses-under-130-square-meters-10


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