The Moon Dragon – The Eco Tiny House

The tiny living spaces do not impress just by their small size, but also by their ingenious and original design, just like this structure built by Zyl Vardos, a small living specialist. Its overall design leaves someone the impression it has just got off a fairy tale book and the name it bears – Moon Dragon – alludes to that. The tiny house is roomy enough and boasts modern technology that makes it a sustainable home.

According to, the tiny home is accessible via hand-built Dutch-style doors that open up into a wood-lined interior that looks surprisingly spacious thanks to its tall arched ceiling built from cedar tongue and groove. The 20 square-meter main floor features a small wood-burning stove, mahogany ply cabinetry and walls, and a cork floor. The kitchen boasts a five-burner Range cooker with two ovens, as well as an energy-efficient fridge and washing machine, along with plenty of storage. Behind the kitchen is the bathroom that houses a shower, sink, and composting toilet. The 10 square-meter loft bedroom—big enough for a queen-sized bed—is reached via storage-integrated stairs.

The Moon Dragon

The Moon Dragon – clad in timber and shingles, sporting round shapes

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Inside, the finish looks high-quality throughout. The cabinetry and walls are made from a mahogany ply, the floor is cork, and the arched ceiling comprises composite cedar tongue and groove.

Access to the single bedroom is gained via storage-integrated stairs. The entrance is flanked by a pair of large closets, while the bedroom itself is relatively spacious for a tiny house, with enough room to position a double bed sideways or lengthways, and sporting a 1.67 m high ceiling. Moon Dragon features a standard hookup so it can get its power from the grid, but also has a full solar kit so that it can operate off-the-grid, too.

Since it involved a lot of manual labor the house sells for about 96,000 USD. Even though it may sound too pricey, this tiny home is just another inspiration for those who find freedom in small spaces. If not convinced yet, let’s just add one more thing – the tiny house is also mobile.

The Moon Dragon

The Moon Dragon – roomy interiors featuring intelligent storage spaces

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