An Artist’s Home – Visionary Arhitecture

Is it a block of flats or a house? Hard to answer at a first sight, but we tend to believe we are looking at the first version judging by the general design of the building. But we are wrong because this beautiful home which blends geometrical volumes and various colors on the façade in a harmonious way is a three story house which opens impressive views on each side of it, since it lies in a mountainous area in the state of Colorado.

The house was built in the town of Steamboat Spring, close to the Rocky Mountains. It is a house which belongs to an artist who asked the architects for an energy-efficient house with great views and plenty of daylight. What came out is plain to see, a beautiful home featuring three levels, with the mid-level hosting the open living space expanded outdoor through partially transparent balconies.

An artist’s home in America

An artist’s home – windows well placed so to connect to the outdoors

casa unui artist an artist home 3

The first level of the 111 square meter house houses the studio of the artist, while the top level is home to two discreet bedrooms. While a bit of floor space was lost to stairs, the views more than made up for it. Spreading the space over three floors also resulted in a smaller footprint, leaving room on the property for a future detached garage and accessory dwelling unit, according to website

As an artist, the owner valued natural light, hence a special attention paid by the architect to this criterion. The small floor plates provided an advantage there, allowing for even daylighting throughout. The main bedroom and the ground-level studio both have windows on three sides, while the living space has windows on all four sides. The second bedroom has windows on two outside walls but also borrows light from the stairwell through an interior window.

An artist’s home in America

An artist’s home – 111 square meters divided into three levels of various uses

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The walls are very well insulated, all the windows in this house are ultra-high-efficiency triple-paned units, while an in-floor radiating heating system keeps temperatures at a comfortable level even during the coldest winters. The house is clad in fiber-cement panels with a small amount of cedar accent which, along glazed spaces and colorful balconies, come in stark contrast with the surrounding buildings.

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