Laminate Wood Flooring for Every Room. How to Choose Best?

Laminate wood flooring should be chosen considering several aspects: the rooms’s destination and size, the way it’s furnished and decorated, the palette chosen, the way the room is lighted etc. But first and foremost you should consider practical aspects. Here’s how to choose laminate wood flooring for every room.


Laminate flooring is usually between 6 and 12 mm thick. The least thick boards, of 6, 7 or 6 mm, are recommended for those areas in the house where there isn’t too much traffic: bedrooms, study, back hallways. For the living room, kitchen and foyer, choose flooring over 8 mm thick.

Product specifications

It’s also recommended that you follow product specifications, like: house traffic, intense house traffic, average public traffic, intense public traffic. Buy the appropriate product for your type of area, so it will last longer in better shape.

Laminate wood flooring for every room. Color

When choosing your flooring color, consider the other colors in the room, but also its size and lighting.

Dark colors are more appropriate for large rooms, like the living room. It’s also nice to have a bit of contrast between the floor and the walls and furniture colors. So if you choose dark colored flooring, paint the walls in a light color and choose light, warm colored furniture. You can also add a rug in cheerful, light colors, on a dark laminate floor.

Dark rooms, that don’t get a lot of natural light, won’t look good with a dark floor. For this kind of room you should choose white oak, beech or peer tree laminate wood, as they come in lighter tones. A light color flooring will also work better in a small room.

A smart and refined solution is to coordinate floor color with that of doors. The effect is more subtle than what you get when matching the wood floor with the furniture.

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