Ceramic Floor and Wall Tiles for the Dream Kitchen and Bathroom

When we do or redo the finishes for the house we have so many choices to make. The ceramic tiles which cover the kitchen and bathroom floors and walls will have a great impact on the look and atmosphere of the house. They have to be integrated in the overall look of the house, complete the painted surfaces or those covered with wallpaper and make the furniture in the rooms stand out. Here are a few rules for choosing the ceramic floor and wall tiles for the dream kitchen and bathroom that fit in the home beautifully.


First rules are about color choice. Let’s start with the bathroom where designers recommend cool tones for the floor and wall tiles – greys, greens or blues – which should be multiplied on different surfaces in the rest of the house. When choosing the kitchen palette we should do exactly the opposite and go for warm shades of beige, yellow, orange, nude, desert sand etc. And, as a general rule, choose large tiles, which will always be trendy.

Ceramic floor and wall tiles. Space

When choosing the color we should also consider the size of the room. Everyone knows the rule: warm, light colors in a small room and more powerful ones in a large room. Space also dictates the way tiles should be orientated: horizontally for wideness and vertically for height. You can also create a more particular look with large square tiles placed on the diagonal.

Ceramic floor and wall tiles. Atmosphere

And, most importantly, there should be a zen atmosphere throughout the house. So don’t use various powerful colors in every room. Choose colors that complement one another and create a flow as you go from one room to another. And if you really want a palette with several strong colors, consult an interior designer to avoid kitsch. For the floor and wall tiles in the kitchen and bathroom you should not have more than 3 – 4 colors which should complement one another.

Credits: 5oferte.ro

Photo credits: bigreca.ro, conrep.ro

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