The Ice Hotel – Scandinavian Refinement

For 26 years, the inhabitants of a small Swedish village, lying at a stone’s throw away from the Arctic Circle, have observed a tradition that brings thousands of tourists every year from the four winds: an ice hotel. Even though it is not unique in the world, the ice hotel in Jukkasjärvi has expanded year to year, now featuring 55 rooms, of which 19 are suites, while builders have refined their ice carving technique, creating amazing shapes, full of personality.

This year, the hotel was built out of 4,000 tons of snow and ice collected from river Torn flowing nearby. Each of the 19 suits was designed differently by various artists and each was given a unique theme, featuring art as varied from a 1970s-inspired “Love Capsule” to a recreation of a 1920s horror cult film. This year’s 19 designs were whittled down from 130 submissions and are positively enchanting with their attention to detail.


The ice hotel in Sweden

The ice hotel – breathtaking interiors, built in a refined design

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Depending on the room one customer chooses, the price ranges from 300 for a simple room to 1,000 USD for the spacious deluxe suite that boasts a heated ensuite bathroom and sauna. We cannot really figure out how ice and sauna can go hand in hand, but we assume the almost three decade experience has led to a solution in this case, too. Anyway, in addition to the cool suites, the ice hotel also offers warm suites, so there must be a technical-scientific explanation to this.

According to House Beautiful, the hotel was built throughout two months and the material used to erect it amounts to 700 million snowballs. The 5,500 square meter hotel lasts till late spring when positive temperatures start taking a toll on the translucent structure. Inside, where temperatures go below 0, guests tuck into expedition-style sleeping bags to stay warm while they sleep. Plus, the hotel provides packing guidelines so guests know exactly what they should bring to stay cozy.

Splendid chandeliers made of 1,000 hand-carved ice crystals adorn the open spaces of the hotel, such as the main lobby, the restaurant, the bar and even a chapel.


The ice hotel in Sweden

The ice hotel – chandeliers made from 1,000 tiny hand-cut ice crystals

hotelul de gheata the ice hotel 7

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