Unusual Storage Spaces Hidden In Your Home. How Many Can You Find?

Sometimes storage solutions are obvious, like cabinets, dressers, drawers, closets. Sometimes you have to be a bit more creative to find more ways to store your items. Instead of squeezing, stuffing and stacking your things into place, why not hide your clutter in plain sight? Here are some unusual storage spaces ideas that will get you looking around the house to discover your own.

1. Behind the sofa

A long shelf behind the sofa is a real bonus since it turns a generally unused area into a useful and decorative space. Pull the sofa forward a few inches if necessary, then dress the shelf with books, pictures and ornaments. Plus you will make the room feel more cosy.

unusual storage spaces

2. Unusual storage spaces. On the window sill

If you don’t have that many plants, you can also use this space to place books, cute decorative accessories or your favorite collectibles. Your window will look great from both the inside and outside of your home.

unusual storage spaces

3. Unusual storage spaces. Above the door

A shelf above the is a simple and effective solution when you need a little extra storage. Try a floating shelf above your door trim (any door in your home) to put books, decorative storage boxes, or anything else you need to.

unusual storage spaces

4. Unusual storage spaces. Your bed

Keep your usual nightstand clutter out of sight with this hollowed-out headboard. If you don’t have this type of furniture, consider setting up shelves behind your regular headboard. The bedroom will feel more clutter-free in no time.

unusual storage spaces

The same goes for a storage platform bed.

unusual storage spaces

5. Unusual storage spaces. The stairs

Hide your home’s usual eyesores with secret drawers inside the stairs.

unusual storage spaces

You can also build drawers into the side of your staircase for beautiful, functional storage.

unusual storage spaces

Or simply some shelves which are more suitable to create a nice design.

unusual storage spaces

You can even have a cupboard built into the side of your staircase.

unusual storage spaces

Consult more under the stairs storage solutions here.

6. Unusual storage spaces. By the fridge

Use the space between your fridge and the wall with a sliding spice rack.

unusual storage spaces

Get more inspiration for your storage needs here and here.

Credits: huffingtonpost.com, xojane.com, houzz.com

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