Keeping Your Outdoor Dog Happy in Winter. Shelter and Diet

Dogs love winter, especially if it snows. Everyone knows how much they enjoy playing in the snow. It’s up to us too keep them healthy during the cold period, so they can enjoy it. Keeping your outdoor dog happy in winter doesn’t require much. Here’s what you should provide.

A lot of people dress up dogs in winter just because they feel cold, but most breeds don’t need clothing. Even dogs that are kept indoors and taken out every day can adjust to the low temperatures. But that doesn’t mean you can keep your indoor pet outside for 8 hours.

Keeping your outdoor dog happy in winter. Shelter

Your dog’s house should offer more than protection from the rain. It should also keep it warm and comfortable. So, first and foremost, the house should fit your dog’s size, not force him to put his feet outside, nor be too large around it, because this way it will loose the dog’s body heat faster.

The place is also important. Set the dog house somewhere out of the way of draught, maybe behind a construction, in the sunshine, facing south.

Check it out for cracks or holes to avoid cold or rain getting through. Don’t put blankets or other fabrics inside, because the get and stay wet.

It’s best to insulate the house with polystyrene, raise it around 10 centimeters above the ground and make small overhang. For the inside, you can use straws, hay or wood dust, which you have to renew regularly.


Keeping your outdoor dog happy in winter. Food

During winter, your dog’s diet should have 25% more calories and more fat. Vitamin supplements, especially A, E and the B group, for a healthy skin and fur, should also be part of this diet, as well as warm soups. You can give it larger portions or an extra portion a day.

It’s also important for your dog to keep hydrated. Check that his water hasn’t frozen and change it several times a day. Use water that’s a bit warm and freezes harder and plastic or rubber containers instead of metal. In order to prevent ice from forming on the surface, put a floating rubber ball inside the water bowl.


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