No Heating Lunch Box Fills. Healthy, Tasty and Practical

You may work in an office building without a kitchen and are tired of the same petty sandwiches or the heavy spending of ordering takeout. And you may be running out of ideas to fill your children’s lunch boxes too. Here are some ideas for no heating lunch box fills that are healthy, tasty and easy to make and can work for children and grown ups


We’re not talking about those ham and cheese sandwiches one usually packs when on the run, but to some more nutritious ones, with full grain bread and combinations of grilled chicken breast, cheese, peppers, eggs, tomatoes, green salad, cheese spread, butter etc.

No heating lunch box fills. Salads

Combine your favorite vegetables and greens with meet, cheese or just seeds and nuts, if you want to go vegan.


You can have pasta cold and it can be just as delicious. Put it into a salad with grilled chicken or just vegetables.

No heating lunch box fills. Cheese spread

Make your own richly flavored cheese spread at home with butter, cottage cheese, cream, dill, seasoning and pack it with some fresh peppers and full grain bread.


You can make healthy and tasty spreads out of lentil, beans, chick pea, avocado and even chicken liver. They’re so easy to pack and serve and you can refrigerate them for 3 – 4 days.

No heating lunch box fills. Rice

Like pasta, you can have rice cold, combined with vegetables, chicken or fish. You can also add it in salads to make them more nutritious.


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