Japanese Bathrooms – Gadgets and Practical Sense

We are all fascinated by Japan, by the rigor, correctness and scrupulosity of its people, traits which have had a defining contribution to the post-war economic miracle. But this is not the topic we are going to touch on below, but the Japanese pragmatism, perfectly reflected in the way they fit out their bathrooms. Many across the world are now wondering whether these very interesting and useful ideas, which we are about to see, should not be imported.

First of all, did you know that a Japanese bathroom can accommodate three persons at the same time without seeing each other? So, one can shower or take a bath in the tub, one can use the toilet while the third can wash hands in the sink. This is what we call a functional space indeed!

Japanese bathrooms also allow you to rinse off before taking a bath. The bathtub area has a seat with a water spray wand, so you can clean your hair and skin before getting in the bath. This helps to avoid marinating in your own filth and you will soon see this idea leads to another practical effect.

Now let’s move on to gadgets because modern technology plays its crucial role in the Japanese bathrooms. There’s a control panel for water temperature and once you set the desired warmth the bath tub will respond to your wish. The panel also has an emergency call button to alarm the concierge in case you need help.

Now here is the most interesting part: since many Japanese rinse off before bathing in the tub, the water is clean enough for another person to use afterward. If you find this unacceptable, then you can send the bathwater in a tube that connects to the washing machine. And this is how you help save one of the world’ precious natural resources.

Now let’s come back to the control panel on the wall and by pressing another button you can dry your clothes while they hang. Easy to understand you don’t’ have to wait too much to put on your favorite blouse which has just been washed. For the overall picture, watch the video below:


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