Five Modern Gadgets For A Functional Bathroom

Any day ends up in the bathroom where a relaxing shower takes away all the stressful problems. And since we live in an era of technological expansion, here are some gadgets that, at the end of a busy day, can help you get to that much sought after state of good spirits more quickly. So here are five gadgets for a functional bathroom.

Leave the classic shaving to those who have the privilege of more time available. You, dynamic and keeping the pace with the times, go for electrical shaving appliances. These modern devices, ideal for a both dry and wet shaving, featuring cutting edge technologies and 8 direction contour detect heads for a perfect, rapid and comfortable shaving. You can take them with you on your travels for a personal care that will not take you too much of your precious time.

baie functionala functional bathroom 2

For those who care about their look in a time when image does matter, the hair and DIY clippers are other gadgets one has to rely on. The latest hair clippers come with the dual cut technologies and turbo boost which ensure a cutting twice as fast as its predecessor. They come equipped with up to 24 integrated length settings with 1mm steps and self-sharpening titanium blades. The DIY hair clippers have 180 degrees rotating heads. Personal care is done more easily now, without you wasting time and money at the barber’s.

baie functionala functional bathroom 1

This modern shower head aims to make singing in the shower even more tempting with its built-in wireless speaker that connects to your devices using Bluetooth. The speaker will work with your Bluetooth-connected device up to 32 feet away and it will pop out of the shower head if you want to bring it and all its 1.5-watt glory with you. There is a built-in rechargeable battery that will give you around seven hours playing time and the speaker itself comes in five color options so you can even add a bit of style to the bathroom while you’re at it.

baie functionala functional bathroom 3

This scale will give you an accurate weight recording, along with body fat measurements, Body Mass Index (BMI), heart rate readings and information on air quality and the day’s weather. The scales feature automatic user recognition for up to eight users so they know who they are weighing and they will also help you position yourself properly for the most accurate weigh in with the Position Control function.

baie functionala functional bathroom 4

This toilet will automatically raise and close the seat, warm your bum up and even warm your toes. There is a self-cleaning bidet that has adjustable water temperature and pressure controls, plus there is also ambient lighting in seven colors. A built-in speaker system that connects to a remote docking station, a touchscreen and a touch panel remote so you can pick your preferences are also on-board. It also has a Bluetooth receiver so you can stream music from your mobile, an SD card slot for personalized welcome messages or custom playlists and a USB port for software updates. All these last three gadgets were seen on

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