Before And After – The Spectacular Renovation Of An Old Mobile House

In search of their professional inspiration, some people sometimes take decisions hard to comprehend by others. This is the case of an American architect, Amy Shock, who left her four bedroom villa in Beverly Hills to move into a small house on the coast. It’s not any sort of house, but an old mobile house turned into a modern glass clad dwelling, completely open to the amazing landscape around. Here is a new story in the before and after series that speaks about vision and the desire for a change, coming via Los Angeles Times.

The old 75 square meter house had been built in 1964 and languished on the market for five years before the architect found it and bought it for 5,200 USD. She then spent the next 12 months investing about 180,000 dollars in renovating the old house and turning it into what it is now, an open, airy house, fully connected with the nature.

Before and after

Before and after – the mobile house built in 1964

The house sits on a lot that spans 3,600 square feet and features wraparound views, an impressive collection of mature trees and abundant wildlife for the avid birder which inspired her to rely on floor to ceiling glazings which allow for constant interaction with the environment.

Before and after

Before and after – beautiful interiors, connected to the exotic nature outside

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Excluding two windows and a door from the original home, Amy got rid of everything and added brand new electrical, plumbing, cabinetry, and lighting. She also added a versatile 46 square meter space that’s currently being used as her painting studio, and a large L-shaped porch for dining and entertaining. A bathroom was also added so the final plan of the house is now U shaped. The new wing can be used as a living room, master bedroom or guest quarters.

The most significant and expensive investment she made concerned the floor-to-ceiling glass windows. These special-ordered, UV-protective solar glass panels cost $40,000. Although pricey, they give the home an abundance of natural light and provide an airy quality throughout, while still feeling private. To offer shade, Shock fabricated custom roof planes that extend far beyond the south-facing windows.

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