A dream basement – Ashton Kutcher’s surprise for his mom

Childhood follows you all your life, no matter where the steps take you and what social status you gain in time. Actor Ashton Kutcher, born and raised in Homestead, a town with about 150 residents, has not forgotten where he came from. His parents, Diane and Mark, still live in the house where Ashton grew up. A few years ago, the house had a dark walkout basement, with a windowless bedroom, a living room with exercise equipment and a corner dedicated to John Wayne memorabilia. This dark place has been transformed by Ashton Kutcher in a dream basement for his mother.

A dream basement for the house

A dream basement – before the renovation works

This was the place where the actor stayed when he came visiting. When he learned that his mother wanted to renovate the basement, an idea crossed his mind. It was the high time for a surprise for his mother. With his step-father as an accomplice, Ashton, turning to an interior designer, has completely transformed the space as one can easily see from the pictures below.

A dream basement for the house

A dream basement – light colors for a welcoming effect

The actor turned to the Houzz application to renovate the basement of his parent’s home. The app helped him find an interior designer in Iowa and made all the necessary purchases required by the ambitious renovation process.

The transformation was spectacular. Some walls were removed and the ductwork was rerouted to not stand in the way of new design ideas. For a dream basement, the bedroom was relocated to finally get two windows and the living room was arranged to look more inviting than it had been before. A pantry was also built to sore Ashton’s mother’s homemade salsa.

A dream basement for the house

A dream basement – the bedroom got two windows

The designer hired by Kutcher Ahston opted for distinct areas in the living room so the room can get accommodate people, with a TV and a fireplace in the center. The two windows flanking the fireplace, along with a new lighting system, provided the much needed light in the previously dark basement. The light colors used by the designer also help creating the space and friendly rooms feeling.

A dream basement for the house

A dream basement – the bedroom was relocated

All the items the couple kept in the basement before were reintegrated in the new landscape so the gain room gains a rustic and traditional touch. Collection of sports items, along with other childhood memories were hung on the walls in frames that go with the wood supporting pillars.

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