Iced tea recipes. Get cool and energized with this traditional drink

The unbearable heat we’ve been having lately requires diversified measures. One delicious remedy for the heat is iced tea, enjoyed in the south of the United States for over 200 years. Here are some iced tea recipes just to give you some ideas to improvise yourself.

The now popular iced tea was first mentioned in written documents towards the end of the 18th century, when tea plantations started out in South Carolina. The iced tea recipes you could find in cook books those days contained alcohol however, being closer to punch. In this first stage, only green tea was used to make this drink, black and fruit tea being used to make the more diverse iced tea recipes later on.

Americans, especially those in the south, are still the biggest iced tea consumers. Here, it’s not only a drink for hot summer days, but for all seasons and it’s typically consumed during meals.

We owe iced tea becoming so popular to Richard Blechynden, the owner of a tea plantation, who, back in 1904, at the St. Louis world fair, during a particularly hot summer, had the idea of adding ice to the tea samples he had prepared for the visitors. Afterwards, the Prohibition only made iced tea consumption more widespread.

Iced tea recipes

Vanilla and fruit

In one liter (2 pints) of sparkling water, infuse 6 tablespoons of vanilla green tea for about 3 minutes, then add ice. You can add your favorite fruit to this tea, but it will be delicious associated with pineapple, peach or melon.

Orange juice

Squeeze two oranges and mix the juice with the tea you make from 6 tbsp of green tea in one liter of water, infused for about 3 minutes. Add ice to this refreshing mixture.

Watermelon and basil

In one liter of water, infuse 6 tbsp of green tea and add a few slices of watermelon. Let it rest for 5 minutes, then pour into glasses, on ice cubes, and garnish with fresh basil leaves.

Black tea with fresh ginger and mint

In one liter of water, infuse 5 tbsp of black tea for 4 minutes. Add a bit of grated fresh ginger, a branch of mint and a little brown sugar. Refrigerate and serve with ice.

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