Six advantages of using a garment steamer

Ironing can be a more efficient, easier and faster task. You can smooth the creases of your clothes directly onto the hangers and freshen up the fabrics using a garment steamer. Moreover, it’s easy to carry around and it can be used wherever you need it.

Be it a silk blouse, a pleated skirt, a cashmere sweater or a stylish suit, by using the garment steamer you will easily smooth them out without the risk of ruining the fabric.

Here are the advantages of using a garment steamer.

1. Its installation is simple and it heats rapidly.

2. You can easily use it on clothes that are difficult to spread on the ironing board, be it pleated skirts or jackets with accessories.

3. It is soft on delicate fabrics, but also strong enough to smooth out thick materials.

4. The hot steam kills up to 99% of the bacteria in the fabric and removes food or smoke odors.

5. You can also use it to freshen up the curtains, sofas and any other fabrics in your home.

6. You can take it with you on vacation or anywhere else. All its components, including the power cable and the hose, fit perfectly into its storing compartment and you won’t be needing an ironing board.

How to use the garment steamer?

Fill in the tank with water and plug in the device.
Wait for the water to heat aproximately one minute.
Hang the clothes on the device or in any other spot.
Hold the fabric with one hand and iron over it with the other.


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