The Benefits of Using Green Cleaning Products

As concerns for health become more prevalent and people become more aware of the harsh effects cleaning chemicals are having, they’re going back to basics and looking for greener ways to clean. Green cleaning products have been around for years – dating back to when our grandmothers used vinegar and baking soda on a regular basis. Today, we want the health benefits from using them, but we do not have either the time or the inclination to be mixing up our own home cleaning products from scratch. Selecting and using environmentally friendly cleaning products is important, especially for baby safe cleaning, caring for our children, providing a safe environment for our pets and last but certainly not least, keeping a healthy Earth.

Here are the most important advantages of using green cleaning products.

Healthier home

There are no longer chemicals absorbed into the skin or breathed in by the person cleaning and by family members. These chemicals can cause asthma and other respiratory problems, as well as burns to the cleaner’s skin and eyes.

Cleaner Environment
When you use many cleaning products, harmful chemicals are being released into the environment. Changing to greener methods, helps reduce pollution to our waterways and the air. Many green products also use recyclable packaging which minimizes waste

Fewer Antibacterials

Do you really need to look for products that say “antibacterial”? The American Medical Association (AMA) says that the frequent use of antibacterial ingredients can promote bacterial resistance to antibiotics. Some of them may even mess with your hormonal system and thyroid. Most green or environmentally friendly cleaning products don’t contain antibacterial agents.

More Knowledge of Ingredients

Green cleaning products use natural ingredients which are easier to identify, so you’ll be more aware what you are using on your home surfaces, clothes and linen.


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